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IAP Worldwide Services is a global company that provides a number of infrastructure, technology and energy services for both private businesses and government entities throughout the world. This company therefore helps these organizations meet their needs when it comes to establishing and maintaining key structures to help maximize the effectiveness of their daily operations. Among the most common services that IAP Worldwide Services offers are expeditionary infrastructure, information technology and communications and power solutions. With these services, companies and the government will be able to either establish or maintain key parts of their operations no matter where they are located in the world.

When it comes to the services offered by IAP Worldwide Services, one of the most valuable is expeditionary infrastructure. This particular service entails construction, maintenance and designing of various structures for energy companies. IAP Worlwide Services will help energy companies build and maintain the facilities they need in order to perform their daily operations. Among the most common projects of this service include construction of buildings and also repairing roads and buildings that were damaged from natural disasters. Therefore this service provides disaster relief for any customer who experiences significant damage to their facilities and roads.

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The next service that IAP Worldwide provides is information technology and communications. With this service clients will have the opportunity to establish and maintain their technology and communications systems. Since information technology is very important nowadays, companies and government entities will often need to maintain and improve their systems in order to better perform their daily tasks. IAP can help organizations implement and improve technology in terms of updated hardware, advanced software and also more efficient methods to manage databases and networks. It will do the same for communications so that various organizations throughout the world will be able to easily reach other parties on a consistent basis.

Another one of the key services offered by IAP Worldwide Services is power solutions. Even with lots of mobile technology there is still a very strong demand for electricity. Therefore IAP Worldwide is able to design, construct, operate and maintain power plants the provide electricity for their clients. IAP will have the expertise and resources to advise clients on what size and type of power plant needs to be built in order to meet their needs. It will also build the plant and make sure that it is running properly on a daily basis. Therefore power solutions will offer clients the assistance it needs to get dependable electricity no matter where they are located.

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Dick DeVos: Putting Others First

Dick DeVos is always someone that has decided to put others first in his life. He knows that everything he has, he has earned, and he wants to share it with those that are less fortune than him. He knows that by doing good for others, he can make their lives a little easier. By now, everyone and anyone has heard about the horrible shootings in Orlando, Florida that have shaken the world to its core. It was a senseless incident and a tragedy. Words fail me when it comes to trying to convey how horrible it was. It was the second biggest loss of American lives since 9/11. 49 people were killed.

While Dick DeVos and his family know that nothing can bring their lives back and their families have to live with the pain for the rest of their lives. However, him and his family know they can still make a difference and make a positive impact. When something bad happens, it doesn’t mean you just throw up your hands and quit. As hard as it can be, you have to move forward and look for solutions to the problem at hand. DeVos family have donated half a million dollars to the families of the Orlando Mass Shootings.

They are teaming up with their basketball team, the Orlando Magic, in this effort, and it is a great gesture. The nonprofit organization is called the OneOrlando Fund. This is not the first time they have done something like this, especially Dick DeVos. It was how he was raised and he knows it is the right thing to do. While money can’t solve all of life’s problems, it can go a long way towards repairing things and getting life back on track. Again, life has to move on, even has hard as it may seem. This helps the rebuilding process.

Dick DeVos is from Western Michigan and his family has made their money largely in part due to their privately owned direct sales giant. The money came from the many foundations that are part of the family. Hopefully, this encourages others to do the same thing. It is during times like these that we all must stick together and rise above all of the negativity and all of the sadness. We must remain strong and steadfast and rise above it all and show that we are resilient. Time heals all wounds, no matter how painful.

Fostering Social Services Through Mark Spark’s “Spark Tank” Program

Marc Sparks, author of the book “They Can’t Eat You”, is a creatively ambitious entrepreneur with just a high school education. Using his instinct and intuition he has successfully helped dozens of unique startups realize their goals.

His accomplishments include working with Lynne Sipiora to turn a small homeless shelter in McKinney, Texas to $3 million annual operation which houses and feeds hundreds of people every day. They have built the first transitional living apartment complex in North Texas, and support a $7 million family shelter currently under construction.

Once being poor himself, Mark Sparks has developed a deep passion for helping those in need, through financial and even physical means, as he has helped construct over a dozen homes. Mark’s “Sparky’s Kids” foundation has given away over a thousand computers to children in need, connecting them to the modern world and giving them a chance to escape poverty.

Mark Spark’s latest endeavor is the Spark Tank. Envisioned by Lynne Sipiora, the Spark Tank asks social service executives to present ideas which are believed to create social success.

Entrepreneurs who think outside of the box are encouraged to apply to present their ideas. Spark Tank’s goal is to foster ideas which are thought to achieve real and positive social benefits, through funding grants and overseeing accountability from nonprofit management.

Spark Tank operates through an application and presentation process, where social representatives present their ideas in person on a designated date. Finalists are allotted a maximum of 10 minutes for their presentation, as well as an additional 10 minutes for a round of Q&A. Learn more about Marc Sparks: and

Applicants who wish to apply must be a 501c3 organization with at least two years of history. Human and animal services along with the arts are eligible, while political and religious initiatives are not. Non-religious faith-based initiatives however are eligible.

On April 27, 2016, Spark Tanks held its presentations for Round One of the Spark Tank Social Innovation Challenge. 14 non-profit participants presented their ideas, and three finalists were chosen. “House of Eli”, which helps boys aged 17-21 transition from foster care. “Metro Relief”, a mobile soup kitchen that travels to homeless people to provide food and care, and “Dogs Matter”, a program to provide temporary foster care for pets of recovering addicts and alcoholics.

After careful consideration, Dogs Matter was chosen, determined by the need for the program and the ability to measure the outcome of its success. They received a trophy and a check of $5,000 to help their cause. Read more: Marc Sparks – AngelList and Who Is Marc Sparks?

Round Two of the Spark Tank Social Innovation challenge opens in June and has a July 15 deadline. Round Three will be in September with an October 15th deadline. The three finalists will compete against each other in early December for the grand prize grant award.

Those interested in applying can fill out the form provided at

5 Tips to Successfully Creating a PR Pitch

Status Labs is an online reputation management firm which is based out of Austin, Texas. This prestigious public relations company has also managed to expand their business and services to other major international cities, including New York City and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

One of the most prominent reputation builders in the modern world, Status Labs currently manages over 1500 customers in multiple countries, including but not limited to Powerful and well-known public figures as well as Fortune 100 brands.

Recently, Status Labs has released an article on PR Newswire on advice for creating a successful public relations pitch. Here are five of the tips that they cared to share:

1.) Stay on Topic
Make sure that you know precisely what you are ready to talk about before making any kind of sales pitch. Be sure to thoroughly read and research all resources and publications pertinent to your topic. By doing this, you will not only save yourself stress, but the time of the journalist which you plan to pitch to as well. This will allow you to establish more credibility with clients, further allowing you to find more opportunities.

2.)Think Elevator Pitch
Journalists have a timeframe of their own to work for, so keep any pitches and ideas straightforward. When sending emails, it is ideal to keep your pitch concise and not much more than six sentences. If you decide to include a press release, be sure to put this at the very end of your email, giving the journalist the opportunity to learn more. Be optimistic and assertive in your email as wee, asking questions such as “does this seem like a good fit for your publication?”

3.)Know Your Contact
One of the most crucial things to know before you try to pitch a story is who you’re pitching it to. It’s probable that you will be pitching to a senior editor, so be sure to establish a relationship with them outside of the business world. If possible, add them to your social networks such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

4.)Offer the World
Some journalists expect a lot, and you should be able to deliver. Go above and beyond what they may ask of you and be sure to meet deadlines on projects in a timely manner.

5.)Be a Story Teller
Remember that you ultimately aren’t advertising something, you’re pitching a story. Think your pitch through thoroughly and make sure that it sounds more like a story than an advertisement.

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The Importance of Having a Comprehensive Plan in Reputation Management

When starting a business, it is important to have a plan for everything. There needs to be plans for potential expansions and even a potential crisis. A lot of people don’t plan for a crisis because they don’t figure that something could happen to them that could result in a lot of people walking away from the business. However, it happens a lot. There are a lot of scandals and crises that can bring a lot of harm to the business. Therefore, it is important to have a comprehensive plan which includes reputation management.

There is one catch to this. A lot of business owners have very little time to manage their reputation. As a result, people may be left with having to face the music of a lot of angry and concerned customers taking their business elsewhere without the help of an online reputation management firm. Fortunately, there are plenty of firms that are tapping into the market of reputation management in order to make sure that their clients continue to generate income with their business. Among the online reputation management firms to choose form, the client must make sure that he is getting money saving service.

One online reputation management firm for fixing google reviews, that is worth checking out is This is particularly a good company because they focus on the search results of the client. After all, when people look for information about a person, they go to search engines. If the information that shows up on the front page is a bad review, then chances are that they will lose interest and walk away from that company. With, any bad results will be bumped off of the front page of search results and replaced with good news about the company so that people will be more inclined to visit the site.

HSBC Holdings Restructures its Investment Banking Division to Reduce Costs and Increase Returns

HSBC Holdings PLC has recently undergone a complete reorganization of all its operations that deal with investment banking in a bid to reduce costs and increase efficiency. The London based firm did an overhaul of its operations and even let go of some senior bankers in the process. This was revealed by one of the firm’s spokesperson who added that the sole purpose of the restructuring was to cut operational costs and bring together sector and product teams.

These changes have come after HSBC formed a global banking division earlier on in February. Furthermore, the firm hired Mathew Westerman, a former executive at Goldman Sachs to co-head the new division with Robin Phillips. HSBC is one of several banks that restructured their operations in a bid to cut costs. The changes were announced in two internal memos. Furthermore, HSBC also announced the appointment of the regional co-heads for its global banking section as well as the creation of a new advisory group that will bring together corporate finance and M&A. Groups that have overlapping clients were also combined.

The newly formed global banking division is one part of HSBC’s global markets and banking business that is headed by Samir Assaf. This division accounted for about $7.9 billion of the total $18.87 billion profit before tax received in 2015. Stuart Gulliver, the Chief Executive of HSBC had hinted in 2015 that the bank faced a huge challenge in 2016 as it tried to lower its operating costs and effectively keep them down. He also said that HSBC would strive to increase its total revenues. The bank has poised itself to counter weak economic conditions experienced in the Asian markets.

Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten is a successful financial professional and investment banker. He hails from Florida and currently lives in Ponte Vedra Beach. Today, he heads his own firm called Lustgarten, Martin as its CEO. He oversees all operations at the firm. He has successfully grown the firm from a small startup into a successful investment bank in Florida.

Martin is also involved in several philanthropic initiatives and is active on Facebook. His hobbies include juggling and collecting vintage items that please him. He also trades in beautiful vintage watches.

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Madison Street Capital’s Co-Founded Is Honored Once Again

In 2007, there were 7,600 hedge funds in existence. In 2015, that number soared to 11,000. Hedge funds are feeling the impact of uncertain economic times and the fact that China may throw the world into another recession that could make the 2008 recession look tame. Madison Street Capital, the Chicago-based investment banking firm’s hedge fund division, is doing better than other hedge funds thanks to the leadership of CEO, Charles Botchway, and COO Anthony Marsala. Marsala was recently named the winner of the 7th Annual Emerging Leaders Award, for his accomplishments in the Merger and Acquisition industry, according to the Chicago Tribune. has published several articles about the success Madison Street Capital has had in providing corporate advisory services, strategic analytic services, valuation services and merger and acquisition services. Marsala plays a leading role in offering those services to clients around the world. Madison Street Capital has a major interest in emerging markets in South America, Asia, and North America. Marsala was named the 2016 winner of the Emerging Leaders Award given by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts because of the success Madison Street Capital has had putting deals together in countries like Brazil, Thailand, and Vietnam. Marsala is also a participant in the 2016 Crain’s Leadership Program.

The Emerging Leaders Award was born out of the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts 40 under 40 award program that has been in existence for several years. Every year the winners are honored at a black-tie event held at the Athletic Club in New York City.

There is nothing negative to say about Madison Street Capital’s performance in the merger and acquisition industry or the hedge fund industry. The hedge fund industry was more than a $2.6 trillion business in 2013, but many investors are pulling out of hedge funds because of the high fees and poor returns. But Madison Street Capital is not experiencing the lackluster performance of other funds thanks to Botchway leadership and the financial expertise that Marsala brings to the table.

Many economists believe 2016 is going to be a difficult year for investors that don’t protect themselves from the recession that is spreading across the globe. European funds are having a difficult time, and many companies around the world are suffering from poor profit results. Madison Street Capital comes alive in time likes these, according to Marsala. Companies around the world are looking to merge or to be bought by stronger companies, and Madison Street Capital is playing a role in those mergers and acquisitions.

Marsala and Madison Street Capital continue to win awards for outstanding performance in an industry where there are a lot of big fish with sharp teeth. But Madison Street Capital knows what it does best and doesn’t stray from the company’s proven strategy.

The US Money Reserve Website Updates

The US Money Reserve has been the chief merchant of government endorsed gold, platinum and silver coins in the United States over the last five decades. They have needed to modernize their operations to mirror their quality benchmarks and position in the business sector. A makeover has in this manner been executed, and it included the rebuilding of its online profile. Subsequently, they have another site which is more responsive, useful and intuitive.

Customer – friendly is the word used to portray an element of an association that draws in and connects with a client. The new look Us Money Reserve Website now contains more data on the coins on offer. The administration feels that the new site mirrors the estimations of the predominant item, management, and trust; that the Reserve has received throughout the years. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

A portion of the extraordinary components includes a dazzling picture display of all the coins on sale at the institution. The site additionally bears the pictures the company’s managerial delegates, including current CEO Philip Diehl. The store has continually instructed the general population on the advantages of having gold and other profitable coins. Surprisingly, the information has been coordinated into the site for the first time.

The planners likewise clarified that the site connected specifically to the US Money Reserve stores and vaults in a manner that business can be executed online and progressively. The administration has thus launched a new site. They urge customers to utilize the stage rather than the traditional queues. In this way, one can buy their gold or silver bullion on the web, solicitation to have their property put away by the same foundation or gather it at a later date. The site is, subsequently, a fantastic online shop.

The news of the dispatch was initially broadcasted through the CBS 19 journal. Elsewhere, The US Money Reserve keeps on devoting considerably more assets to coin examination to disperse the highest quality of coins. The veteran organization stresses much on quality to maximize their productivity and that of the regarded clients. Read more: In Recognition Of The 75th Anniversary, The U.S. Money Reserve And The U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation Combine Efforts To Raise A Bronze Lone Sailor Statue At Pearl Harbor and US Money Reserve – We strive to provide the most

The store has likewise joined the online networking fleeting trend as it throws a more extensive net. Potential customers can look for further information and make inquiries on their Twitter channel and also on Facebook. In particular, recall that all their coins are aligned and issued by the administration of the United States, in this way, no extortion.

Today, the US Money Reserve can feel pleased with its status. The measures taken assures client maintenance. In the long run, their ongoing audits will see them get more referrals, more business and along these lines concrete their position in the firm. The US Cash Reserve plans to stay consistent with its establishing standards and customer administration benchmarks.


When George Soros Became a Billionaire

In 1992, George Soros made a name for himself by betting big against the British pound. At the time, hedge funds were not as commonplace as they are today. His bet made him a billionaire. It all started after World War II most European countries wanted to tighten their relationships. They felt that this would reduce wars between them and help them get along with each other better. They also felt that it would help them compete more aggressively with the United States. This was the first step towards forming the European Union.

The process started with the European Exchange Rate mechanism (ERM).. At the time most European countries did not want to give up their national currencies but they felt it was to their advantage to use a fixed exchange rate with each other instead of letting their currencies float in the market on At the time Germany had the strongest currency and economy so each country set their currency valuation in Deutschmarks. Once the exchange rate was set they had to maintain their currency within 6% of that figure.

Britain entered the ERM, an exchange rate of 2.9 Deutschmarks for each pound. This meant the pound had to stay with in an exchange rate of 2.78 DM 23.13 DM. At first things worked out well for Britain. In 1992 England went into a recession. Officials in the government found that their hands were tied. They could not take needed action to help their economy. They needed to devalue their currency.

George Soros as head of Quantum Fund, a hedge fund in New York, heard about what was happening. He bet against the pound. He won. George Soros and his team had been positioning themselves to take advantage of what they saw as an imminent decline in the pound. They did this by shorting the 15 billion pounds. As others began to realize what was going on they joined the bandwagon and started shorting the currency. The Bank of England was not in a position to absorb all the pounds being sold. So, shortly this situation became a self-fulfilling prophecy on On September 17, 1992 the Bank of England had to devalue their currency. It was down 10% against European currencies and down almost 25% against the US dollar.

George Soros and his team made a fortune for their investors. The value of his fund increased from $15 billion-$19 billion. Several months later it was worth almost $22 billion. As a hedge fund Soros and his team made 20% on the profits. It came to nearly $1.4 billion in fees. This is when the name George Soros became what it is today.

Ross Abelow’s Foundation That Aims To Help Animals

Ross Abelow is a famous New York City lawyer and founder of a GoFundMe campaign. He has been a practicing lawyer for a very long time, and he is very famous for his courtroom prowess. He also is a philanthropist who directed his efforts to helping homeless animals through the GoFundMe campaign. This campaign aims to raise funds to help provide basic needs to the city’s animals that are not lucky to be able to access this services. The GoFundMe campaign became operational on January 13th, 2016, and its main objective is to donate over $5000 that will go towards providing good shelters, food, medical care and blankets to homeless and vulnerable animals around the city.

Ross Abelow got the concern over the way animals used to suffer during winter. With cold temperatures and snow all over it was difficult for homeless animals to access food beside their suffering without shelter and warmth. This touched his heart, and he taught that if these homeless animals could be financed to access this basic services, this would go a long way in helping them. Thus, he took upon himself to initiate ways to bring together financial resources for this course. Ross Abelow knew by providing these animals with basic needs he would be able to prevent their deaths, especially during winter.

Taking a brief recount of Ross Abelow’s life and career, you can conclude that he really been successful in every aspect of his life. In 1990, he received a license to practice law in the state of New York, which was a major milestone in his life and career. He was born and brought up in New York City and studied at the State University of New York. He later joined Brooklyn Law School, to study his law degree and in 1989, he graduated. He went on and majored in the practice of family law, and specialized in matrimonial family law. He also practices entertainment law and commercial litigation. He has a widely extensive knowledge in the law field after more than 26 years defending clients. He is a partner at the law firm of Abelow & Cassandro, Llp that is based in New York City.
Ross Abelow also likes writing legal articles for blogs like Crown Point New York during his free time. He also offers financial and legal matters advice to the public on his personal blog spot and social media accounts like Facebook and Mashable. Many people like reading his article since they are very insightful.