UKV PLC: Availing the Best Wines in the Market to Customers

UKV PLC Overview

The origin of wine is dated back to 5400 BC. This alcoholic beverage is mostly made from grapes and in recent times, it has gained a lot of popularity worldwide. The wine business is one of the most lucrative businesses in industry. Companies such as UKV PLC have had their share of success. Founded in 2015, UKV PLC is based in the United Kingdom and is privately owned.

The company mainly focuses on the acquisition, supply, and sale of bonde fine wine and champagne. They ensure that they always have the most sought after wines and champagne. This is achieved through liaising with brokers, merchants, and traders whom they are able to acquire stocks from.

Wines Services Offered by UKV PLC

UKV PLC has not thrived in the wine industry by sitting down and waiting for things to happen. This wine company ensures that they keep their customers happy. Their main mission is to provide excellent services that meet their clients’ needs, at a very personal level. They go as far as looking for the best wine brands in Spain, France, and Italy as per their customers’ requirement. The company has acquired a good reputation as a go to place for people looking for the best wines in the market. Some of the wines UKV PLC greatly recommends include; Beychevelle from 2008, D’Yquem from 2009 and Montrose from 1998.

UKV PLC Reviews

UKV PLC has received great reviews in terms of the services they offer. They are able to offer wines that appreciate in value with time. Hence, these wines may serve as great investments. Their team is quite small, but it is very dedicated to ensuring meet customer needs.

Wine Investment

The company believes that investing in wine is one of the best investment plans in today’s world. Therefore, they encourage people to start their own wine collection with the help of a wine professional. As a wine investor, you will have to exercise patience as you wait for the value of the wine to go up. However, the end results are worth your while.

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Oncotarget: Outlining Innovations And Research In Oncology

The field of cancer research is extremely expansive, with innovations taking place every single day. With the field being this vast, it becomes difficult for doctors from all over to be connected with each other to share the findings that the make and the innovations that come into place. The need for a newsletter that helps doctors to connect with each other and share their views and opinions and research was prominent, which is why Mikhail Blagosklonny tried to fill this void with the publication of Oncotarget. Oncotarget functions as a peer to peer review newsletter, which is open to doctors and those who are interested in the field of oncology from around the world. Doctors who are making advances in the area of oncology are encouraged to send in their articles discussing their discoveries and thoughts on the latest innovations in the field.

The newsletter has managed to bridge the gap between doctors and oncologists from all over the world, offering them a glance into how doctors treat their patients in different countries. The newsletter takes pride in being entirely global, with contributors giving different perspectives on how patients who are diagnosed with cancer are being treated in their countries.The newsletter was founded by Mikhail Blagosklonny in 2010. Since its first publication, the readership and contributors to the newsletter have grown significantly. When a doctor or researcher sends in their articles to be published through Oncotarget, they are reviewed by Mikhail Blagosklonny and his team of trusted associates who have a good amount of experience in the field. The articles are chosen based on their originality, and whether or not they can be a significant contribution to the field.

The articles go way beyond the conventional topics that oncological research journals cover so that they can truly expand on the subject in the best way to treat cancer. By doing this, the newsletter puts out only that content that is one of a kind and talks about the latest happenings in the field.Oncotarget does not have a restriction and can be viewed by literally anyone who is interested in the field. The newsletter is published weekly, with new topics and new innovations being featured every week. The ultimate aim of the publication is to facilitate the spread of knowledge among doctors so that the entire oncological community can grow and develop as one cohesive unit for the betterment of society and the people.

What no one tells you about Oncotarget

Oncotarget is a medical and peer-reviewed journal published every week. It covers main topics such research on oncology. Oncology is the branch of medicine specializing in the diagnosis, preventing and treating cancer. Oncotarget was founded in the year 2010, and it is currently under Impact Journals which publishes it.The chief editors of this popular medical journal are Mikhail Blagosklonny (a known scientist who dedicates his time in studying cancer and aging) and Andrei V. Gudkov.Blagosklonny has been very instrumental in research on cancer where he has a personal impact factor of 83 gained through his authorship. He has written over 270 papers which have been published in various peer-reviewed journals.Oncotarget has a journal impact factor (JIF) of 5.168 as by the year 2016/2017. T

his skyrocketing popularity is attributed to its comprehensive offers in insightful, peer-reviewed, and punctual help that goes to authors to aid them in increasing the impact of their research findings.Besides oncology, Oncotarget accepts papers in other topics that include but not limited to Endocrinology, Cardiology, Neuroscience, Pharmacology, metabolism, and Cell Biology.The site seeks to publish outstanding research that will aid in developing best approaches towards cancer. But due to tumor growth complexity, Oncotarget decided to include the above publications to smoothen the research.And to emphasize on the quality and integrity of the research, Oncotarget’s editors ensure that they are in line with the Committee on Publications Ethics (COPE) laws. Authors are advised to read and understand the requirements before submitting their papers.

This information is available on the journal’s official website.Oncotarget can be found on social networks including Facebook ( Oncotarget) and has its archives accessible to the public. Anyone is free to use the research to further their knowledge. Searching for such information is easier, all you can do is type your question on the search bar, and within few seconds, you’ll be done.Oncotarget recently published research that e-cigarettes are as harmful as the tobacco especially to the gum tissues. The research was conducted by Irfan Rahman, professor of Environmental Medicine at UR School of Medicine.The research concluded that the vapors from the e-cigars cause the cells in the gums to release inflammatory proteins, increasing stress inside the cells and might end up causing other oral diseases. Besides this critical publication, Oncotarget has also published a research paper that highlighted the progress taken by researchers towards finding the cure to gastric cancer.

The Contributions of Andrew Rolfe to Ubuntu Fund

Ubuntu Education Fund was founded in 1999 with the aim of supporting needy children. At the moment, it supports more than two thousand needy children around Port Elizabeth Township. Ubuntu Education Fund commenced its activities by supplying needy students with learning materials such as pencils and books. Although this was an ideal step for dealing with challenges raised in concern with education, problems associated with inadequate classrooms continued to persist.

Jacob and Banks who were the founders continued to offer support to children affected by hunger and HIV/AIDS. The Fund has significant contributions in improving the lives of Port Elizabeth’s children by the provision of education materials among other necessities. Through this fund, more than 90 percent of high school students are prepared to join universities of their choice.

The current chairman of Ubuntu Education Fund is Andre Rolfe. He was appointed to this position after attaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics and philosophy. He pursued these degrees at the University of Oxford. Upon completion of continuing education at Oxford University, he pursued a Master of Business Administration at Harvard Business School. His education is one of the attributing factors that have enabled him to be selected as the Chairman of Ubuntu which has significant impact on the society.

Andre Rolfe has experience in working in a similar field where he worked as the President of Gap’s International Division. He was tasked with the role of superintending the operations of this company in countries such as France, Germany, and Japan. This is one of the fields that enabled him to be positioned in an industry that requires serving of several needy people who await assistance of Ubuntu Education Fund. Moreover, Rolfe gained experience working as a lead in Gap Inc.

While Rolfe worked as a CEO of a retailer that worked in several regions such as New York and Hong Kong, he managed to expand its operations to those of an international retailer. As a CEO of Booker Foodservice, he led around thirteen hundred KFC restaurants and Pizza huts in about thirty countries. This depicts his tremendous leadership capability that can sustain Ubuntu Fund operations to match the increasing needs of the organization.

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Porfirio Sanchez Galindo Makes a Strategic Career Move to Televisa with a Keen Eye for Professional Growth

Porfirio Sanchez Galindo recently grabbed the headlines when he publicly opted to switch his profession to marketing and telecommunication, a move widely tipped to yield significant returns. Formerly an advisor to the finance secretary at Grupo Televisa, Galindo surprisingly reversed his previous job offer at the World Bank, citing the new job as more challenging.


Porfirio currently serves as the director general of special projects and economic analysis, an influential post that involves making crucial decisions regarding telecommunication and marketing strategies. His recent appointment remarkably earned him a spot as one of the 30 promises in the 30 0f 2014. One of his primary tasks titled YOO entailed overseeing marketing strategies that packaged internet, television and telephone channels countrywide. Alternatively, such a massive undertaking leveled the subscription prices in four major global companies such as Cablevision Monterrey, Cablevision, Cablemas and Megacable.


According to Gil Diaz, the new proposals promote commercialization across countrywide and even beyond. With more subscribers enrolled daily, the company is on course to reap staggering revenue from the rapid increment in sales.


Strategic Marketing Campaigns


Porfirio Sanchez has opted to engage the services of a leading journalist, Rossana Fuentes, to spearhead marketing campaigns aimed at injecting fresh viewership into Editorial Televisa. The calculated is aimed at winning new and existing markets, advertisers and audiences from publications to frequent clicks courtesy of collective imagination.


While addressing other journalists, Grupo Televisa reiterated that such appointments were solely made to improve the editorial changes for its customers and readers, while also reforming the existing information channels.


Fuentes Berain is an accomplished journalist with vast experience in print media. She had initially served as Vice President of Grupo Expansion from 2009 to 2014 and was tasked with ensuring the publication of quality content from the 11 sites and 17 magazines that make up the company.


Porfirio Sanchez is credited with forming Mexico MediaLab S21, which was uniquely specialized in generating research on communication technologies and implementing creative projects that promote innovation in the public and private sectors of the nation. Porfirio Sanchez’ reputation as a leading expert in the Media sector remains unrivaled courtesy of his keen business acumen and insightful leadership qualities.


Greg Secker’s New Found Haven in Forex Trade

How does forex trade operate?

They say business is about thinking and investing in places where everyone else is not paying much attention to. If you want to grow and increase your returns in figure that you have only dreamt of, then you need to do things differently. The current business world is filled with opportunities that can be harnessed to create unimaginable wealth. Forex is one of these fields that have not been fully exploited for far too long. Forex is the foreign exchange market whose tools of trade are the international currencies.

Greg’s journey in the trade

One of the few business people that have harnessed the opportunity provided by forex trade include entrepreneur Greg Secker. Secker realized that he could use forex trade and the systems knowledge he had acquired during his employment days to his own benefit. This is when he quit his job and moved to work from his house in the forex market using his personal computer. The graduate of agriculture and food science stops at nothing while pursuing his goals and his great self-drive has seen him build a business empire worth a fortune. He is one of the most reputable forex trade experts in the world and he has written a number of books on the same.

His career and growth in the business

His career began as a low level trading technologist in a financial services company, Thomas and Cook Financial. Here he was charged with the responsibility of developing forex trading systems and from his experience he was able to amass a great deal of knowledge and skills. The experience he acquired here has proved to be valuable in his current life setting him apart among the top forex traders known globally. He doubles up as an entrepreneur and a mentor to young people spreading his inspirational talks on financial strategic plans. His innovative nature has propelled him to become one of the most respected organizational leaders setting an example with his own company Learn to Trade. Greg Secker is also known for his generosity and giving back to the society which is one of his prime principles.