Madison Street Capital’s Co-Founded Is Honored Once Again

In 2007, there were 7,600 hedge funds in existence. In 2015, that number soared to 11,000. Hedge funds are feeling the impact of uncertain economic times and the fact that China may throw the world into another recession that could make the 2008 recession look tame. Madison Street Capital, the Chicago-based investment banking firm’s hedge fund division, is doing better than other hedge funds thanks to the leadership of CEO, Charles Botchway, and COO Anthony Marsala. Marsala was recently named the winner of the 7th Annual Emerging Leaders Award, for his accomplishments in the Merger and Acquisition industry, according to the Chicago Tribune. has published several articles about the success Madison Street Capital has had in providing corporate advisory services, strategic analytic services, valuation services and merger and acquisition services. Marsala plays a leading role in offering those services to clients around the world. Madison Street Capital has a major interest in emerging markets in South America, Asia, and North America. Marsala was named the 2016 winner of the Emerging Leaders Award given by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts because of the success Madison Street Capital has had putting deals together in countries like Brazil, Thailand, and Vietnam. Marsala is also a participant in the 2016 Crain’s Leadership Program.

The Emerging Leaders Award was born out of the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts 40 under 40 award program that has been in existence for several years. Every year the winners are honored at a black-tie event held at the Athletic Club in New York City.

There is nothing negative to say about Madison Street Capital’s performance in the merger and acquisition industry or the hedge fund industry. The hedge fund industry was more than a $2.6 trillion business in 2013, but many investors are pulling out of hedge funds because of the high fees and poor returns. But Madison Street Capital is not experiencing the lackluster performance of other funds thanks to Botchway leadership and the financial expertise that Marsala brings to the table.

Many economists believe 2016 is going to be a difficult year for investors that don’t protect themselves from the recession that is spreading across the globe. European funds are having a difficult time, and many companies around the world are suffering from poor profit results. Madison Street Capital comes alive in time likes these, according to Marsala. Companies around the world are looking to merge or to be bought by stronger companies, and Madison Street Capital is playing a role in those mergers and acquisitions.

Marsala and Madison Street Capital continue to win awards for outstanding performance in an industry where there are a lot of big fish with sharp teeth. But Madison Street Capital knows what it does best and doesn’t stray from the company’s proven strategy.