The Contributions of Andrew Rolfe to Ubuntu Fund

Ubuntu Education Fund was founded in 1999 with the aim of supporting needy children. At the moment, it supports more than two thousand needy children around Port Elizabeth Township. Ubuntu Education Fund commenced its activities by supplying needy students with learning materials such as pencils and books. Although this was an ideal step for dealing with challenges raised in concern with education, problems associated with inadequate classrooms continued to persist.

Jacob and Banks who were the founders continued to offer support to children affected by hunger and HIV/AIDS. The Fund has significant contributions in improving the lives of Port Elizabeth’s children by the provision of education materials among other necessities. Through this fund, more than 90 percent of high school students are prepared to join universities of their choice.

The current chairman of Ubuntu Education Fund is Andre Rolfe. He was appointed to this position after attaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics and philosophy. He pursued these degrees at the University of Oxford. Upon completion of continuing education at Oxford University, he pursued a Master of Business Administration at Harvard Business School. His education is one of the attributing factors that have enabled him to be selected as the Chairman of Ubuntu which has significant impact on the society.

Andre Rolfe has experience in working in a similar field where he worked as the President of Gap’s International Division. He was tasked with the role of superintending the operations of this company in countries such as France, Germany, and Japan. This is one of the fields that enabled him to be positioned in an industry that requires serving of several needy people who await assistance of Ubuntu Education Fund. Moreover, Rolfe gained experience working as a lead in Gap Inc.

While Rolfe worked as a CEO of a retailer that worked in several regions such as New York and Hong Kong, he managed to expand its operations to those of an international retailer. As a CEO of Booker Foodservice, he led around thirteen hundred KFC restaurants and Pizza huts in about thirty countries. This depicts his tremendous leadership capability that can sustain Ubuntu Fund operations to match the increasing needs of the organization.